Underage Drinking & the Law

What parents need to know now about the new Social Host Laws

For Parents

What parents need to know now about underage drinking and the law.

Please click the links below for information. Feel free to post your questions and comments on any page or post. Your thoughts, ideas and opinions are welcome.


What is a Social Host? What are Social Host Laws (SHLs)? What happens if I get charged as a Social Host? Why are Social Host Laws (SHLs) controversial?…[more]

Social Host Law Primer

Any law can be difficult to decipher but we all need to understand what our local Social Host Law covers.  Though we’re not planning to break the law…[more]

Where do kids get their alcohol?

NOT from their parents. Surprised? I was. With all the furor about “permissive” parents providing alcohol to their older teens,  I expected to learn that the majority of underage drinkers…[more]

Catch 21: The teen trap

If you have college-age kids, you need to read this and share it with them. Many laws target them even more than they do parents…[more]


Alcohol use among teens reached historic lows in 2011, continuing a long-term gradual decline…[more]

Charts, Graphs & Reports

Just like it sounds; the latest data on underage alcohol use. [more]

Resources & Links

Where to find state laws. Where to find local laws. Alcohol & Drug Research. Not-for-Profit Organizations on Underage Drinking Issues. Drug Policy & Enforcement Sites…[more]

Pending State Legislation

The following states are considering new Social Host Laws, or revisions to existing SHLs. Note the legislative process is purposely serpentine and…[more]

This Page is For You

This is a place for you to share what’s happening where you live. We want to hear your stories and opinions. Please share them with us. [link]

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