Underage Drinking & the Law

What parents need to know now about the new Social Host Laws

Need Your Thoughts on Party for Soldier Headed to Afghanistan

This article by  Olga Enger is reprinted in full from today’s MiddletownPatch without editing. We want to know what you think given this scenario.

Couple Cited for Serving Underage Guests at Farewell Party For Solider

The following arrests were reported by the Middletown Police Department. An arrest does not indicate a conviction

A Middletown couple was charged with Social Host Ordinance 130.01B after Middletown Police said they served alcohol to minors at a good-bye party they organized for a friend who was soon to be deployed to Afghanistan.

Police responded to the residence of James Phelan, 22, and his wife Alexandra Elvin, 21, at 112A Lawrence St., at approximately 1:00 a.m. on Tuesday, after they received a complaint about the noise and possible under-age drinking.

Phelan allegedly told officers that he knew some individuals were under the age of 21, but he did not think it was a problem since he had organized a sober ride home for the guests.

The underage guests were charged with Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor and issued Municipal Court Summons. Guests 21 years-old and older were released on-scene.

One comment on “Need Your Thoughts on Party for Soldier Headed to Afghanistan

  1. Michele
    July 6, 2012

    I think it’s time we returned to a drinking age of 18. If someone is considered mature enough to fight for our country, to marry, to own a business, sign a contract, and vote, they should be trusted to enjoy a beer. The same rules should apply: can’t drive after more than one drink per 30 minutes, noise ordinances stay the same, fighting is still frowned on, as is unwanted sexual advances. Why not make sure the newest members to te party can do so safely in public rather than in the shadows? Binge drinking rates were lower in the 1970s.

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