Underage Drinking & the Law

What parents need to know now about the new Social Host Laws

And this is how it starts to snowball


Graffiti is an ongoing problem for most cities so it’s no surprise that Salinas, California wants to find new ways to get rid of it. And luckily, as the article says, “options are plentiful for tackling Salinas’ graffiti problem.” So why is Salinas considering a new social host-style law with fines up $1,500? Calling it a preventative measure, it “could hold parents liable for minors who violate the graffiti law.”Is it just me or does it seems that law enforcement’s favorite new toy is any local ordinance that allows them to skip the formalities of working the case, finding evidence that identifies criminal behavior and proving it in a court of law? Watch this space. This isn’t the last time we’ll see a community using the Social Host Law precedent to create more local ordinances that skirt the constitutional rights of its citizens.


To learn more:

Salinas seeks new strategy against graffiti The Californian.com – March 7, 2011 – Byline: Kimber Solano

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